I have been thinking that we are moving to a new normal. The changes we have made, in our society and in societies all over the world, may very well last in one way or another. We are all talking about, “when things get back to normal,” but I think that ‘normal.’ may very well look different. When I was driving yesterday, and had cars on both sides of me at an intersection, my first reaction was, “Why are these cars so close to me? What are those drivers thinking?”

What will it look like when the schools open again? When child care centers are open again? Will there be different illness policies? What will happen for people with chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems? How will we meet the needs of children for connections and support, both physical and emotional?

I have great faith and optimism when I think about all the wonderful, creative people I know in the field of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. When I think of those people I know personally, and I think about how that number is so small compared to the number of people all around the country, and around the world, who are planning and creating ways to move forward, I know that we will find ways to be together, and to give our children, all of our children, the experiences and connections they need and deserve. We can each be a part of the solution, and of building our visions of ways forward in our new normal.